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You are welcome to my readers space, a space were you will have the opportunity to explore, learn, admire and flourish with creativity of various African Caribbean Migrant designers, models, accessories, fashion, culture and creativity of various African Caribbean Migrant designers, models, accessories,fashion, culture and creativity

I am Susuana Olatunji Komolafe, your column writer and Creative Curator of the AFROFashionShowIreland & AFRICAFashionWeek Ireland platform. We use the runway fashion production and run our project initiative all around Republic of Ireland. A platform created to celebrate African fashion, fabric, accessories, models, designers, artist with African origin, culture and heritage through diversity and an Afro-Infusion. While we are supporting emerging tailors, stylists, designers, women and established brand with their marketing, we get to share African print with the world.

AFROFashionShow initiative stated since 2013. Inspiring the local, international and national emerging African fashion designers and the Irish designers willing to embrace the use of African fabric, print and accessories - we provide exhibition, affordable and professional showcasing opportunities platform, mentor-ship, brand exposure, shared opportunities and networking.

AFROFashionShow specializes in fashion production, event marketing, business coaching and commercialization with the aim to create a close collaboration between our clients and the fashion world. Also, on the other hand, we are opening doors to young African Caribbean who have the ambitions to step into the fashion and media industry.

AFROFashionShow manages every aspect of a fashion event, from artistic design through to casting and technical support, to create an affordable and professional show solution with a tailored edge and support of our volunteers.

The Africa fashion Week Ireland returns for a 4th year with the mission to continue creating presence in the Irish market and global platform to promote African Caribbean fashion on the catwalk, while highlighting diversity with this year showcasing emerging new designer, with collections of designs consist of diverse works with an Afro-Infusion.

I am a Paver, I pave way for people, especially People of African origin. I extend my strength to others around the world. I am a game changer and work with game changer changing the Face of African Fashion and Fabrics in Ireland and around the world. Join my team; don't be against you, be 'for us'. Be part of the history making, be part of the innovators. Stay in your lane, focus on what you do.

I was recognized for creating innovative initiative first of his kind like 'Africa History Month Ireland' 'Afro Fashion Show Ireland' 'Best African Designer Ireland'Africa Fashion Week Ireland; this are my brand under the platform of Afro in Diaspora Center, we celebrate best of Africa and mingle with the best. Join me in promotion of Africa fabrics and fashion. I’m looking forward to hearing from you readers.

Our Designer Spotlight is “SOM COLLECTIONS” this brand is created, designed by SOM Olatunji Komolafe

About SOM COLLECTIONS: The Bowties Only by SOM Collections is a premier global online social media outlet retail destination for your Africa Inspired bowties. They sell the latest of our own label and promote independent their crafted design with the use of Africa Inspired Fabrics. They are proud to introduce all kinds of bow ties to their customers, including new brands as well as high-end choices at affordable prices. They offer ties made through the use of Africa inspired fabric by Som Komolafe of SOM Collections, eco-friendly bow ties classic vintage bow tie from years gone by, and trendy bow ties with an international flavour and flair.

SOM Collections design is new to the market and can be seen on social media platform their customers can discover and select bow ties from a unique and high-quality stock. The designer herself is resilience and a good communicator with the choice of fabric and style she create with the bowties, she believes fashion is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories that should reflect culture.

She understands the needs for an artistic and creative personality with a good understanding of your target audience's lifestyle, customer needs and cultural essence. SOM Collections fashion ideas is express clearly, very original and have fresh, innovative ideas relevant to today’s needs.

You can contact me /

My name is SOM,

Designers Competition
This competition is open to everyone that is willing to embrace the use of African Fabrics and Accessories. We are taking registration and calling on Tailor's, Sewing Mistress and Designers

A two minute video telling us about yourself and your work (if you shoot this on your phone please turn it horizontally)We are so excited to learn about you and your creative designs

Two photos of yourself, one close up of your face and one full length, head to toe, showing your own personal style

A digital portfolio of your work created

If you are base in Dublin, join us on the 12th our casting process is quick so we want to hear from you TODAY!

The deadline to apply is Feb. 12th, 2020 - but again, the sooner you apply, the longer we'll have to get to know you.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to / / inbox now