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Curated and Initiated by FashionConsultant Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

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As the first ever person globally to create, initiate, founder of an innovative idea of celebrating, profiling, projecting, positive image of the contribution and impact of Africa Caribbean, I founder the first ever form of initiative program to celebrate us "Africa Caribbean History Month Ireland" This is celebrated in the month of November in Ireland, and we are working on making it a global initiative around the world. In order to make the initiative effective, I came up with series of initiative program, first of is kind to project our image and "The Africa Fashion Week Ireland" is one of those initiative that allow us celebrate our culture through fashion and our main focus is on "Africa Fabrics & Print". We started with "Afro Fashion Show Ireland" which is used to celebrate Africa Caribbean designers through organizing competition and crowning the winner as "Best African Designer Ireland" this title is the first ever globally were designer from African Caribbean descendant have a chance of receiving this title through a vigorous competition and also an inclusion that embrace an designer from any background willing to use African fabric to design and create an innovative collection to inspire mind in fashion also a chance of receiving the title.

We use the Africa Fashion Week Ireland to create a platform where all the powerful African-Caribbean Fashion Brands home base in Ireland, around the world, rest of the world and globally meet to inspire, showcase on the runaway. We welcome everyone that embrace the use of Africa fabrics, accessories and prints to make a difference.  

This Fashion Week was set up to promote our story, history through fashion and accessories designers of African-Caribbean descent or anyone that embrace the use of our materials. There are many talented individuals, micro businesses, SME and Larger businesses of African-Caribbean descent in the Fashion Industry, which never seem to get the much needed media promotion or recognition to celebrate their work or get the mainstream attention. We has a game changer and a paver is changing all that by promoting designers of African-Caribbean descent through creating this platform of initiative, mentoring on branding and labeling, showcasing creativity and equipping them with the necessary funding in Ireland that support micro businesses, organizing business workshop and globally that allow them succeed.


Retailers and designers looking to tap into the potential of Africa, both as producers, buyers, observers, assistant illustrator and ultimately consumers of luxury goods should join us on our platform. AFWI 2018

The Afro Fashion Show Ireland start in 2013 and under the "Africa History Month Ireland" presnt the concept of AFWI, which was launched in 2014 @ Pillo Hotel to aid both student, tailors, retailers and designers in diversifying their business models to the Irish market, study respective potentials in Irish markets, act as a consultant to help strengthen their brands, label, and product positioning in Ireland as home base, europe, Africa and globally.

80% of our designers that participate in both initiatives current progress to reeducating, growing their business brand and this is a rapid opportunity for brand and product partnerships locally and internationally

For large companies and corporations, our localized approach in hosting Africa Fashion Week Ireland in fashion capitals provides support to future expansions without the large capital investment or fear of the unknown.

For designers that are thinkers, pre-micro, micro and SMEs, it provides them access to new markets, branding opportunities,loan opportunities and a focused business environment to develop intentional client, network and partner relationships in the fashion industry.

If you are a Model either male or female, Fashion Designers, Textile company, Accessories Designer, Make-Up Artist, Fashion Stylist,Fashion Bloggers, Fashion Police, Fashion TV or Radio, Fashion PR, then this Africa fashion Week 2018 is for you and open to you now!!

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