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Adcenter Decade Year 2020


Hello Readers,

Happy New Decade 2020 to you all,

In 2020 Adcenter become a decade old, since the organization started in 2010, It has been a privilege and an exciting moment to be the founder, creator, initiator and chief executive officer in directing the affairs of the group, a vision carrier to deliver a message of projecting profiling positive image and narrative of African Caribbean living here in Ireland and Globally.

With the support of my very own divine creator, that stir the vision in me to share with the world.

Over the years we have had great Ambassadors that have represent what I do and what we stand for has an organization.

 Ambassador of this Honorable organisation "Afro in Diaspora Center" fully packed with a large number of enlightening activities and events. To promote and be proud of our cultural heritage is a worthy endeavor which I am vowed to achieve within my power, with the support of my heavenly Father of the universe and the support of you all.

On a personal level, I am absolutely delighted to the almighty God for all that the Adcenter has achieved and hope that with Him on our side this new decade will bring forth the best for our organisation. 

Thank you to all our boards, ambassadors, volunteers, sponsors and fans. I would ensure that I do my best with the support of you all

Adcenter Ambassador for Young Women for Integration
Adcenter Ambassador for Cultural integration.
Adcenter Ambassador for Youth & Young Achievers
Adcenter Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion
Adcenter Ambassador for Wise Men

Susuana Olatunji Komolafe
CEO Afro in Disapora Center